Why should I join a national rocketry organization?

The first big benefit of membership in the Tripoli Rocketry Association (or the National Association of Rocketry) is the insurance coverage it provides you. If you are a member of Tripoli Houston 002, your rocketry related activities while you are at club launches are insured by the club Tripoli insurance policy. However, if you have a mishap while launching in the field near your house or somewhere else, you will NOT be covered by the club policy. Tripoli (and NAR) insurance covers all rocketry related activities carried out in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and safety guidelines no matter where you are.

The most popular benefit is high power rocketry certification. Motor dealers will not sell motors larger than G impulse to persons not presenting proof of a Tripoli or NAR High Power rocketry certification. The Tripoli and NAR rocket organizations are the only US-based groups authorized to certify high power rocketry flyers.

Finally, the national organizations are advocacy groups who constantly work to maintain the character and integrity of our hobby within the federal, state and local governmental regulatory agencies.

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