May 2013 Launch Report

The forcasted rain did not show up, not even a drop.  Wind was moderate but blowing the wrong direction, towards the swamp.  Royce, James, and Harry had excursions into the dark regions.  All recovered.
Jim Jarvis paid his respects to the rocket gods by delivering MOST EXCELLENT Kolaches prior to picking up his slightly damaged rocket from last month.
Farthest travelled to the site was a rocketeer from Iowa.  We thank him very much for all of his assistance.
Overall, a fairly light launch day as we only had 12 flights:
L2 Certs   0  
L1 Certs   0  
HP   6  
LP   6  
L      0  
K      1  
J      1  
I        2  
H     1  
Prangs, Boinks and Flamejobs:   1  (Harry's FrankenKermit had a tangled chute)
We had one membership renewal and a few more new faces
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