Texas A&M Launch Report

Over the years Tripoli Houston has helped the organizations of different schools get their members certified, and assist with projects. Recently we saw two Texas A&M groups fly their completed projects. First up was the Sounding Rocket Team. They have been working on a project for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. Club members for the past year have been answering questions and offering guidance to the team. Finally ready to test the rocket, and launch system, the team came in force to the April launch. The team had a successful flight, and are working on a couple of tweaks before heading off to the competition.

Sounding Rocket Team April launch video

The Senior Design Rocket group brought their project to the May launch. They also used the portable pad from the April launch so they could get more experience setting it up, and check out a couple modifications. Despite having to make a last minute modification to the rocket, they also had a successful flight.

Senior Design Rocket May launch video

Both groups left happy with their flights, and are looking forward to working with us next year on their projects.

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