April 2013 Launch Report

A HUGE flight day!  One of the busiest I can remember! Cars were stacked up all the way around the corner!
The weather was wonderful!
The Longhorn Aerospace Club showed up in force!  A very impressive group who wereorganized and ready to fly and certify!
Special thanks to Dan and Linda DeHart for coming out and visiting with everyone!
Another round of thanks to the Motorman, Chad Ellis, for bringing his whole 9-yards. Was great to see all of his inventory!
Here's the scoop on the flight data:
Number of Flights:        64
High Power Flights:      39
L1 Certifications:           8
L2 Certifications:           6
L motor flights:             1
K motor flights:             5
J motor flights:              12
I motor flights:               13
Prangs, boinks and    
flame jobs:                    4
Lost souls:                    2 (both recovered the following week)

Congrats to the newly certified flyers!

Feb 9, 2013 Launch

The highlight of the February 2013 launch was the Megaman 3 GMOTM rocket. Designed and built by none other than John Boren from Estes. This custom rocket was very ornate but flew like a champ with near perfect recovery.

Memorial Day 2012 Launch

If you're curious about attending one of our launches, this youtube video from one of our awesome flyers is a great rundown.

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